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Oxygen delivery equation.

Hi guys, ECC question here. I’m doing a bit of reading about critical cases and specifically shock, but I’ve never been able to quite get my head around the equation that explains oxygen delivery - that’s the DO2 = CaO2 x CO one. Can someone please explain it to me in plain English!


Do you have any good info in regards to using vassopressors in the treatment of septic shock patients with persistent hypotension Im having trouble finding anything that says what to use first etc?

NSAID’s in Caesarians

A question I always have and have always wanted an answer to (but I suspect I know the answer to and that I should not!) Can I give a one off NSAID dose to a post caesarean? If not, then what pain relief can I give because I think it’s cruel to just send off on tramadol which sucks. Right now I do give a one off low dose of 0.1mg/kg meloxicam but I don’t know if that is dangerous to the puppies?

Is the Coombs test actually useful?

At university we learnt about the Coombs test for IMHA, but I’ve heard many vets say that it’s not really worth doing. Is it still worth sending away for it in those hard-to-diagnose haemolysis cases?